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Fireplace Conversions

"My fireplace sends all the heat up the chimney and fills the room with smoke!"

It's a cry we hear all too often! Many people would love to install a free-standing wood stove into their existing fireplace but think they are restricted to a cassette type insert stove.

We have good news for you!

Our installation team have developed a straight-forward method of converting your log grate fireplace to accept a highly efficient, free-standing wood burning stove. Contact us to discuss your situation. We'll be happy to help!

Delivery and Installation

All installations are different therefore Ambience FIRES & SOLAR do not have a standard installation charge. We will carry out a FREE Pre-Installation Survey after which you will be provided with a written quotation with the full cost of installing your stove.

Your installation will be carried out by our own dedicated team of fitters.


Conversion BEFORE

Fireplace Conversion -1b4

Conversion AFTER

Fireplace Conversion -1


All fireplace conversions by Ambience FIRES & SOLAR come with two years full guarantee. In the unlikely event of equipment failure or problems associated with our workmanship, we undertake to carry out a prompt repair or replace the equipment free of charge.

Conversion BEFORE

Fireplace Conversion -2b4

Conversion AFTER

Fireplace Conversion -2