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Have you considered a Pellet Burner?

Hate to say it but none of us are getting any younger. If you are thinking a log burner is a bit too much to manage then how about investing in a new Pellet Burner. High efficiency, minimum maintenance and fully programmable. Heat at the touch of a button.

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High Efficiency Heating

Ambience FIRES & SOLAR have teamed up with some of Europe's leading manufacturers to bring to Alicante, Spain the latest innovations in domestic Pellet Burners.

Combine state of the art technology with the best materials available and you get certified, high efficiency pellet burners of long-lasting construction, aesthetically pleasing design yet still achieve a very competitive price. Pellet stoves require minimum maintenance and are fully programmable.

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Reducing the Cost of Keeping Warm

With the ever increasing cost of energy now is the time to switch to new technology and avoid the higher prices we will have to pay in the future.

Rising costs are an everyday worry for everyone, forcing us to look for alternative ways to save energy and reduce our fuel bills, while still staying warm and comfortable during the winter months.Pellet stoves offer a viable effective heating solution and as they become more popular prices are lower than ever.

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Advanced Technology

Pellet burner stoves are sophisticated pieces of technology and need electricity to operate, however the programmable electronics allow you to control on/off timing and temperature to suit your lifestyle. The advanced controls allow pellet stoves to burn extremely efficiently, typically 85 to 90% so are clean burning and produce very little smoke and ash and flue size can be reduced significantly.

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Wood Pellet Storage

Wood pellets are a lot easier to handle and store than logs. Pellets are usually supplied in 15kg bags, which allows you to order as little or as much as you like and eliminates the need to store large quantities. The stove pellet hoppers are easy to fill and even on maximum burn rate will last for 8 hours eliminating the need for constant attention.

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2 Year Guarantee

All Pellet Burner Stoves supplied by Ambience FIRES & SOLAR come with 2 years full guarantee backed by the manufacturer (conditions apply). In the unlikely event of equipment failure or problems associated with our workmanship, we undertake to carry out a prompt repair or replace the equipment free of charge, provided that the equipment has been used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

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Delivery and Installation

All installations are different therefore Ambience FIRES & SOLAR do not have a standard installation charge. We will carry out a FREE Pre-Installation Survey after which you will be provided with a written quotation with the full cost of installing your stove.

Your installation will be carried out by our own dedicated team of fitters.


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