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How You Benefit From Our Products

Heat Symbol

Lots of Heat

With the correct size stove you will have more than enough warm, comfortable heat

Symbol Homely

Warm and Cosy

Transform your home. A cozy fire helps you create a homely atmosphere

Symbol CO2

Cleaner Burning

Reduce your Carbon Emissions and help the environment

Symbol Cleaning

Easy to Keep Clean

Modern fires produce less dust and ash and are easy to clean

Easily Controlled

Total Control

Set the temperature and the power level you need. Set automatic ON/OFF timing. Fully programmable heat at the touch of a button.

Symbol Pellets

Easy to Handle

Pellets are pre-packed, ready for use, with minimum storage

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If you need any more information or advice, please let us know what you are looking for using any one of the message buttons. If you would like to see the actual units on display or speak to a real person, then please call in at the shop.

Heating for the Future

Hate to say it but none of us are getting any younger. If you are thinking a log burner is a bit too much to manage then it might be just the time to invest in a new Pellet Burner. High efficiency, minimum maintenance and fully programmable heat at the touch of a button.

Pellet stoves are becoming increasingly popular, they are easy and practical to use, offering a range of features suitable for modern living.

Take your pick from our range of best selling pellet burners from leading manufacturers in Spain and Italy.

Useful Information

What size stove for the room

Room Size

Don't get hung up on cubic meters and efficiency calculations! All installations are different, so simply stick to small, medium and large and our experienced staff will advise you on the correct size stove to meet your needs.

Control your pellet burner from anywhere


Control your pellet burner with your mobile device or computer. You can connect via the internet or by bluetooth.

ENplus A1 Quality Standard

Efficiency Label

Only use ENplus A1 pellets. These are premium quality pellets from a controlled, sustainable source which produce the least amount of ash. They are always dry and ready for immediate use.

Reduced Storage Space


Pellets come in 15kg bags so only buy as many bags as you need. Use the storage space for something else.

We only supply approved products

CE Approval

All pellet burners supplied by us conform to European Standards and are CE approved.

Minimum Standard A+

Efficiency Label

A pellet burner incorporates design and technology to ensure the best conditions for burning inside the combustion chamber. You use fewer pellets for the same amount of heat, reduce emissions and save money.

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