Authorised Eoss Dealer Eoss Ruby Pellet Burner

(pictured with pellet tray)


Transform your tired old fireplace and give your room a facelift with a panoramic Ruby insert pellet burner. The Ruby is ideal for inserting into existing fireplaces as well as new installations.

The stove is mounted on roller slides for easy maintenance.

The built-in fans are ductable and will direct substantially more heat into your room keeping you loads warmer.

A front-loading pellet tray for easy loading is available as an option. It fits above the stove seperately and adds an extra 6cm to the height. The hopper holds 16kg of pellets.

The remote control is easy to use, the stove will automatically adjust to your settings. A WiFi Kit is an option if required.

Technical Data

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Eoss Ruby Pellet Burner

Additional Options

WiFi kit option
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