Authorised Ecoforest Dealer Ecoforest Atenas Pellet Burner


Take a look at the impressive Atenas pellet burner from Ecoforest, an ideal stove for larger sized rooms. It is available in Red, Black and White with a large tempered glass door which offers an excellent view of the flames and easy maintenance. The pellet hopper holds 25kg of pellets which will last between 8 and 20 hours depending on your settings.

The Atenas enjoys the same features as any other Ecoforest top of the range stove. It is a free-standing stove with high heat output to keep your home comfortably warm, plus all the benefits of an eco-friendly and cost-effective fuel.

On and off times, as well as the required temperature and power, can be programmed automatically with the easy to use control panel, all in total safety.

A WiFi Kit is fitted as standard, allowing you to control the stove via a mobile device, or from anywhere with an internet connection via your home network.

Technical Data

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Available Colours

Atenas Pellet Stove colours
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