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Sunpad Solar Water Heater

Sunpad Compact Solar Water Heater
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SUNPAD is a unique and completely new solar system. Sunpad have created the most compact solar system available on the the market by integrating the heat carrier tank into the insulation, and including all supporting components.

Designed as a plug and play system SUNPAD is fast and easy to install. It's easy-to-handle lightweight structure is suitable for flat or pitched roof mounting.

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Storage Tank

Sunpad Solar Water Heater tank

Storage Tank Features

The heart of the system is the heat storage tank containing 150 liters of heat transfer fluid. This heat transfer fluid is a mixture of anti corrosion liquid mixed with water. The tank also hosts the precisely dimensioned (19m long) heat exchanger which carries the actual potable water.

Solar Collector

Sunpad Solar Water Heater

Solar Collector Operation

The special solar coating on the surface of the tank causes the heat transfer fluid in the tank to be heated when exposed to sunlight. This means the system produces 150 liters of heat transfer fluid during the day at temperatures up to 85 degrees celsius.

The cold water inlet is connected to the house cold water supply. When hot water is drawn, the cold water flows through the heat exchanger and is heated up and delivered to the point of use where it will be mixed down to the desired temperature.

Depending on the temperature of the system, up to 380 litres of hot water at 40 degrees celsius will be available.

To maintain the temperature in the tank, it is encased with 50 mm thick insulation of high-quality extended polypropylene foam (EPP).

The system produces lots of hot water throughout the year, however occasionally after a few cloudy days, it may need a boost from the installed standby electric heater.