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Lots of Heat

With the correct size stove you will have more than enough warm, comfortable heat

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Warm and Cosy

Transform your home. A cozy fire helps you create a homely atmosphere

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Cleaner Burning

Reduce your Carbon Emissions and help the environment

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Easy to Keep Clean

Modern fires produce less dust and ash and are easy to clean

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Only use Renewable Fuels from a sustainable source

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Easy to Handle

Biomass fuels are pre-packed, ready for use, with minimum storage

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EcoDesign 2022

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Which Areas do we cover?

Area Covered

We can deliver stoves to most of Spain but our range of operations for installations covers most of Alicante and Murcia.

What is an Energy Efficient Stove?

Efficiency Label

An energy efficient stove incorporates design and technology that ensures the best conditions for burning inside the combustion chamber. This means you use less wood or pellets for the same amount of heat. So you reduce emissions and save money.

Improving the Environment with Ecodesign 2022

EcoDesign 2022

EcoDesign is a European-wide programme to lower emissions for solid fuel heaters which includes Wood Stoves and Pellet Burners. It applies to all products manufactured after 1st January 2022.

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